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ISPRO  is a reference point for the world of Institutions, Volunteering, non-profit organizations  to provide different types of services such as Civil Protection, Disaster Risk management and preparedness, safety and security, prevention, specialized and experts training, exercises and so on at National and European level.


At national level ISPRO also collaborates with National Civil Protection Department, National Fire Brigade, Volunteer Service Centers of Lazio and Abruzzo with which organizes specific  training programs concerning Safety and Security.

In 2018, ISPRO renewed its statutory body and set up a scientific committee of professionals with different skills and international expertise, with the aim of expanding its activities and enterprising at national and international level in the world of volunteering and non-profit organizations.


The historic events that involved the populations of Friuli and Irpinia and natural disaster that struck the area of Umbria-Marche in 1997 gave a strong incentive to increase citizens' awareness of prevention and forecasting activities of risks.

From this scenario in 2001 ISPRO - Institute for Studies and Research on Civil Protection and Safety was founded by Giuseppe Zamberletti (who was president until June 2018) as a study and research institution in order to promote a culture of prevention, safety and security.

The aim of ISPRO has been characterized over the years in a work of support, mainly, to the activities of Italian CP Department, trying to offer a scientific contribution in developing models and proposals also relevant for other European countries and Mediterranean area.

Close attention to the international aspect has also been characterized by an experimental Civil Service Project to carried out research and exchange work on good civil protection practices in several European countries.






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